Colorado Springs Parade of Homes Looking for some Labor Day Weekend fun? Don’t forget about the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes! Not only do you get to check out the latest in home design, beautiful craftsmanship, home decorating trends, and advanced appliances, but you get to sport the most darling little blue booties—all the cool kids are doing it, you don't want to miss out!

I’ve spent my whole life going to the Parade of Homes, so much so that I feel like it is the way I used to mark the passing of years as a child. Now as an adult, I find myself appreciating it in new ways—and I’m not just talking about how I finally understand the appeal of those massive wine cellars! It’s still fun of course to admire the home theatres and look at the colorful wallpapers and themes in the kids bedrooms and imagine a life there, but now I appreciate on a deeper level the pride and dedication of every individual and company that work on bringing a house from an idea to a reality. And even beyond that, the Parade of Homes this year is more of a celebration than ever, as it recognizes the resilience of the Colorado Springs community, with several beautiful brand new houses built on the lots of homes lost in the Waldo Canyon Fire.

I had the chance to visit several homes in the Mountain Shadows area, specifically the very appropriately named Chateau de Belle Vues by Murphy's Custom Homes at 5725 Linger Way and the completely charming Parkside Revival by Stauffer & Sons at 2517 Mirror Lake Court, a cozy Craftsman home.  Both homes speak the visual language of rebirth, joy, and togetherness. The Chateau de Belle Vues looks out to stunning mountain and city vistas and shows off it's entertaining possibilities with an open floor plan and large covered patio.  Parkside Revival envelops you in warmth, inviting you to pull up a chair by the hearth and stay a while.  Although this neighborhood is still surrounded by blackened tree trunks, new growth is peeking through everyday, lending a brand new beauty to the mountainsides, and the homes repopulating this area will soon be bursting with new memories for generations to come.

The Parade of Homes also gives you the opportunity to see new and developing neighborhoods, like Banning Lewis Ranch, Cordera, Flying Horse, and Gold Hill Mesa.  I already loved the Traditional Neighborhood Development of Gold Hill Mesa, and I was excited to check out the three model homes there. 
The Parade of Homes ends today, so don't miss your chance to check out some of the beautiful new homes this year and celebrate this vibrant and irrepressible community!

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