Happy Halloween from Rocky Mountain Plan Company

October 31, 2013 1 min read

We're wishing you a safe and Happy Halloween filled with happily haunted houses and far more treats than tricks!

If you're on trick-or-treat duty this year, Halloween is a perfect time for taking an informal architectural tour, so pack up the kids and stroll around a neighborhood you love to snoop for styles and features that appeal to you! If staying in for a scary movie marathon is your evening plan, take a mental breath between thrills and chills and observe the architectural home details of all those haunted houses.

Dracula's castle had some really lovely Gothic turrets and dormers, the Stanley Hotel is a lovely neo-Georgian estate, and the Addams family certainly knew how to make the most of their dilapidated mansion for entertaining and personal hobbies.  Maybe there's a reason why these characters don't want to leave their homes--besides just generally being undead or having murderous vendettas.

What scary movie features would you choose in your house? A basement laboratory or an attic lair? Secret passageways behind library bookshelves? A window where you can broodingly gaze out over the city below?

Architecture can be a perfect partner in creating characters and telling stories, so give it a thought tonight as you bury yourself in empty candy wrappers!