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New Services for Our Clients

March 12, 2015 1 min read

We're pleased to announce that we're now offering new features for our plan book clients. Revit gives us the ability to offer an enhanced product. This is accomplished through BIM technology and visualization.

Whether it's giving the client the ability to walk through their space virtually or providing them with material quantities and takeoffs, BIM technology provides our team with the tools necessary to better meet the needs of our clients.

One highlight of this process is the ability to provide enhanced visualization to our clients during the design phase. This is accomplished through the use of a video walkthrough of the project. This allows the client to get a "feel" of their building and provides them with the necessary information to make informed decisions on the layout and design of their space. Check out the video below to see an example of this technology.

Rocky Mountain Plan Company now offers Concepts - Design Development Drawings - Construction Documents - Renderings - Interior shots and more.  

Concept Example:

Design Development Example:


Bim Schedule Examples:

Still Shots for Interior Views:

Exterior Renderings: