Pine - 648 Square Foot Ranch


  • 648 Square Foot Ranch Plan
  • Foot Print: 36’ x 18’ 
  • Main Level: 648 Square Feet
  • 1 bedroom · 1 bathroom

Pine provides a fresh take on housing, offering you ultimate flexibility with your lifestyle in a compact yet comfortable floor plan. With a simple and efficient layout, Pine can be economically constructed almost anywhere out of prefabricated components or sustainable materials. You can find yourself at home in a meadow, on a mountaintop, or on an infill lot in the city center.

Although small, Pine still makes space for work, play, and comfort. The bedroom is a separated room and a peaceful getaway complete with storage and a built-in desk. The sitting area, kitchen, and dining room are open and airy, allowing for hobbies and entertaining. The kitchen still has plenty of space for preparing fabulous meals, and closets and a tucked away laundry keep your life convenient and clutter free.

Clerestory windows and a vaulted ceiling let in ample sunlight and keep this home feeling more spacious than it is while maintaining your privacy, and Pine also features a deck complete with a fire pit for outdoor living and entertaining.

The geometric approach to this home keeps it cost-effective and contemporary, and Pine is also a perfect building block unit to create a small home on your own terms. It is complete just the way it is, however it’s also simple to add on additional prefabricated units to suit your needs and still take advantage of dramatically lower building costs. These might include a larger master suite, a nursery, a garage, or a bigger sitting area for entertaining.

Alternatively, Pine can make a great little addition to a larger home, solving your unexpected space issues by serving as a freestanding structure on your lot. Pine is a perfectly complete cottage for guests, aging parents, or returning children, or it can also be a well-appointed retreat for writers, artists, and homebrewers.


Please note that the square footage for a ranch plan reflects the main level only. Square footage for a two story plan reflects the main and upper levels only. Lower level square footage is considered optional.