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Your dream house begins as just that—a dream. A collection of abstract, complicated ideas and stray thoughts that seem impossible to nail down in your own head, let alone attempt to communicate to a builder.

You thought this was supposed to be fun, but now you’re drowning in Pinterest boards and possibilities, wondering what's even the right first step.

Knowing that you wanted a house with dormer windows and shutters ever since you were nine is one thing. But how do you want your home to feel on the inside?

  • Do you want an open floor plan?
  • A formal dining room?
  • What should spatial transitions feel like between common gathering areas to zones of retreat, like your master suite?
  • How do you like to entertain?
  • If you want this to be your forever home, what design precautions should you take now to allow for seamless aging in place in the decades to come?

With so many questions, it can feel impossible to know where to start.

The good news?

We’ve trained long and hard in this stuff, and thoughtful design principles and expertise are baked into every plan in our collection.

The better news?

You can hone your understanding of what “dream home” means to you simply by studying floor plans and trusting yourself.

The right home will strike a chord that rings true to you. You’ll get an intuitive understanding of how you and your family will feel inhabiting that space, and how your home can support your lifestyle and your goals.

The Complete Home Collection

Check out our plan book

The Complete Home Collection

Because building your home begins in such an abstract and question-filled way, we've found that being able to sit down with something like a physical plan book can make the difference between dreaming and doing.

That's why we assembled our Complete Home Collection into a bound book. As you gather ideas, you can take your time looking at real floor plans, gaining a sense of how you want to live and what you want your home to feel like.

The Complete Collection is only $39.99 on Amazon and includes:

  • Over 130 home plans ranging from 440 - 7910 square feet
  • 68 ranch floor plans
  • 70 two story floor plans
  • Features on a variety of architectural styles to help you find what you prefer, with house plans to match