Trinity - 652-1533 Square Foot Ranch with Optional Suite


  • 652-1533 Square Foot Ranch Plan with Optional Upper Level Suite
  • Foot Print: 26’ x 26’ - 38' x 45' 
  • Phase 1: 652 Square Feet
  • Phase 2: 256 Square Feet
  • Phase 3: 288 Square Feet
  • Phase 4: 377 Square Feet
  • 1-5 bedrooms · 1-4 bathrooms

One house fits all. That is the goal of Trinity. This small home is designed to accommodate your lifestyle and your future, whether you’re just starting out, starting a family, or looking to be closer to your grandchildren. Trinity makes the most of its petite footprint, deftly handling its condensed space by maximizing storage. Murphy beds are an integral part of this design for the most efficient use of space, and Trinity also tucks extra belongings under the stairs and between floor joists.

Trinity is the ideal home to grow along with you as your needs change. Phase One is a perfectly comfortable micro home, with a full kitchen, open floor plan, and a relaxing bedroom with a Murphy bed that can be stowed, allowing you to take full advantage of your living area. Phase Two adds a spacious master suite and second level, giving you the opportunity to convert the lower level bedroom into an open dining area and larger space for entertaining. Phase Three adds two additional bedrooms as your family grows, each cleverly featuring a sleeping loft with room for a bed and a bookshelf, allowing you to make the most of your floor space.

Phase Four brings a cozy granny flat, complete with a fold-up dining table, a built-in desk and bookshelves, and a Murphy bed, making this a perfect home for aging parents, or as a long term or vacation rental space. With modifications, both units can be made wheelchair accessible. Trinity gives you ultimate flexibility to expand your square footage on your own terms, and a beautiful home that you will enjoy through every phase of your life.


Please note that the square footage for a ranch plan reflects the main level only. Square footage for a two story plan reflects the main and upper levels only. Lower level square footage is considered optional.