What's Included in a House Plan Set?

Our concepts & house plans:


The Home Concept Sketches show the same information and images that are included in our House Plan Books, but for one specific home.

If you know which house plan or plans you’re most interested in, we recommend purchasing a Home Concept Sketch so you can have a physical, visual print-out of your dream home—something you can pin up and start getting familiar with. This is an affordable way to help you evaluate the plan closely to see if you’d prefer any changes, as well as to inspire you as you embark on the journey of building your new home. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Home Concept Sketches are not to scale and are not construction documents. 


If you’re not quite ready to commit to a Full House Plan Set because you’re interviewing builders and getting bids, we offer Bid Sets of many of our plans, suitable for getting estimates from builders. These include the four elevation views of the home and floor plan sheets and are marked “Not For Construction.” 

If you purchase a Bid Set and decide to move forward and purchase the Full House Plan Set, the cost of the Bid Set will be deducted from the total cost of the Full House Plan Set.


Cover Sheet

The cover sheet protects the other documents within the set of plans and typically shows an elevation of what the home will look like when built, along with an index and general notes.

Cover Sheet

Foundation Layout Plan

Includes the layout with general dimensions and references to footings and support walls.

PLEASE NOTE:This does not include Structural Engineering.

You are required to consult a local engineer prior to building any plan, and it is your responsibility to comply with state and local building codes.

Site and state conditions vary widely, and an engineer will be able to address local frost depth requirements, hillside considerations, soil testing, wind and lateral bracing, and load conditions as required by your area.

Please refer to local jurisdiction.

Foundation Layout

Floor Plans

These plan sheets show the layout of each floor of the home. All doors and windows are identified and dimensioned, and walls, stairways, niches, appliances, and built-ins are noted.

Floor Plans


Sections illustrate a slice through the entire structure and explain in further detail how the structure is built and properly braced to ensure a safe home.

Sections show the number of stories, foundation information, and the construction of walls. Roofing materials, floor framing, elevation heights, and insulation may be illustrated and referenced.



Drawings showing the home exterior from the front, rear, left side, and right side of the home.

This section includes dimensions, heights, special construction notes, and may include exterior materials, details and finishes.



The Details sheet(s) shows any relevant interior and exterior details as required per plan in order to properly explain the design intent, with the exception of local building code requirements.

Common details include Cornice (Eve) and special details designed directly from the plan.


Roof Layout Plan

This sheet provides the roof pitches, overall layout, and overhang dimensions.

If trusses are used, we recommend hiring a local truss manufacturer to design your roof trusses in order to comply with your local codes and regulations.

Roof Layout

Electrical Plan

Not included in all plans.

Electrical Plan